Tipping The Scales: to cause a change, esp. in making something more likely to happen

What’s it all about? In a way you could say that Tipping The Scales is a lifestyle blog. Because there aren’t enough of those on the internet, right?! This one has the specific aim of Tipping The Scales - so not the most imaginative name. 

Tipping The Scales is about my attempt to cause change in a few specific areas, some of them are centered around me, others are about small acts to effect the world around me. Check out those bad boys below.

This is a big one, so it goes at the top. My budgeting skills really need some work. I bought my flat last year - which stands as one on my greatest achievements - and since then, seem to have lost my mind. Whilst my bills are always paid, I can’t seem to get my self back into the savings groove that got me here. I find myself counting down the days to payday, and that’s not cool.

UK Black Owned Businesses
This was the idea that spurred the blog in the first place - the desire to support UK black owned businesses and document my journey along the way. But then I had to check myself, if I can’t get my money right - I can’t vow to support others. That’s why the budget comes first.

UK Female Owned Businesses
In a similar trend to the above, I wanna support my ladies, my sisters, my women - of all races - who are doing big things, making moves, starting businesses and making things happen. If I can move some my coins to their coffers, I’ll be happy.

I’m Pescatarian-ish
Yep. That’s what I said. I’m pescatarian-ish. I’m starting from a selfish point - which is fine - so animal welfare isn’t at the top of my list. I’m on the top of my list and I simply don’t think I need to eat that much meat protein. I used to eat meat twice a day (sometimes three times!), a meal wasn’t a meal without chicken, beef, fish - something. It made my meals lazy, and my diet same-y. So cutting out meat and only having a few pieces of fish a week is opening my belly to new recipes, flavours and probably nutrients that my body never even knew it needed.

That said (and this is where the ish comes in), if I ever really feel like I need some red meat or just really fancy a bit of chicken I will. That hasn’t happened in the past three months, but if it does, I will. So if you see me in Gaucho, don’t judge me, don’t @ me, it’s fine.

I’ll never be a Super Yogi. After years of (sporadic) practice I still struggle to do a downward dog. However I do find the practice beneficial. The few routines I’ve memorised force me to breathe right and give me a a few moments of clear head space. It works, it’s good for me, I need to do it more. It’s that simple.

I need to exercise more. The above doesn’t count. When I say exercise, what I really mean is sweat. I need to sweat more and consistently. Not just because I’m on the Central Line, or because I’m going on holiday in 3 weeks. I need to make breaking a sweat a regular thing - gotta keep that heart healthy.

So there we are, six scales that I’m trying to tip for greater good. Wish me luck!



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