Panafrolink London - August 2019

When a friend sent me a whatsapp that basically said. ‘Do you want to come to an networking event’. The answer was a straight yes. This friend doesn’t mess about. Without even seeing the link, I knew it was going to be something good, but when I got there. Hot dayum!

An American Marriage Review

This book got me in the heart. I felt it in my chest. It brought up old feelings, reminded me of past loves, made me feel former heartache as if were fresh and had me gripped. Literally gripping onto the final pages as I walked into my office, unable to put it down until I reached my desk.

August Tip List

Rather than wait to review each product or method, I thought I’d start sharing the things I’ve got my eye on. So each month I’ll post a list of businesses, methods, and plans that I’m wanting to try out and Tip The Scales with. I hereby bring you the very first Tip List

Get Up Stand Up, Now: Exhibition Review

Black creativity, whether celebrated or not, has been abundant since the beginning of time, from verbal storytelling to song writing, literature and fine art, theatre to architecture, fashion and beyond. Even with a time frame of just 50 years, I wondered how they would squeeze all that creativity into one show. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew I had to go.

5 Thoughts: My Sister The Serial Killer

This was a new record for me. I thought I read Queenie fast, but damn! I read this across two days, redefining the term ‘page turner’ for me.  This book is told through the eyes of Kerode, a nurse in Nigeria who finds out that her beautiful baby sister Ayoola might just be a serial killer.

SoulCycle London Review

I love a good spin class. It’s the only form of exercise that has me excited before I even get to the studio. The one thing that gets me out of bed before 6am (apart from a flight). And for sure the most consistent single workout I’ve done over the past few years. When you combine this with my love of US reality TV you can imagine my giddy joy when SoulCycle announced their first London studio.

Pop-Up Africa May Bank Holiday

I tend to find myself at this event every year – whether planned or not. I’ve stumbled across it after lunch with friends, raced there last minute after seeing things popping on insta, or like this year used it as a reason to venture out after a long weekend of homely solitude.

Buy Black London

If you’re not aware - one of my main aims of this little ole blog is to support Black British owned businesses. So when I saw Buy Black London pop up on on my Instagram I knew I was going. This pop-up gives black owned business the chance to show off their brands and encourages the community to get out, show up and support with their coins.

4 Finance Newsletters For Newbies

Other than getting rid of some debt, the other financial goal for this year is to learn more about the stock market and the economy and in general so that when I’ve got the coins I can make some educated investments. Here are the recent resources I’ve been using to bring me up to speed.

I’m not a beauty blogger (anymore). I’m definitely not a product junkie. If I’m considering a purchase I research the product for about 3 months like I’m studying for a PHD. I’ll stalk the hell outta them on insta, read every review, message the brand to ask questions and google the ingredients. One. By. One.

Ilé La Wà

Ilé La Wà is Yoruba for We Are Home and perfectly describes the homely, welcoming vibe of this East London pop-up shop. Run by the a talented duo - Dorcas Magbadelo of Dorcas Creates and  Chanelle Joseph of Studio Nelle - this shop was set up to celebrate, promote and sell the work of Black British creators.

Spa With Ma

We are not spa people. I didn’t grow up having lunch dates with mum, or getting our nails done at the salon. You’d sooner find us in the kitchen with a cup of tea; waxing lyrical, singing lyrics to our favorite tunes and retuning the chords of our lives with realism and wisdom.