10 Thoughts: Zami: A New Spelling Of My Name

I’m not sure what made me pick up this book. The name Audre Lorde was familiar to me, yet her work was not, but when I saw this book and it’s intriguing cover I picked it up immediately. It was the last one. That was a sign. I held it close and sprinted to the checkout in a race against my conscious as I wasn’t supposed to be buying anything that day and had only just started reading another book. Here’s what I thought

January Review: 2019 Goals

This has got to have been my best January ever. I stayed in for New Years eve, so started the year neither drunk nor broke. I spent New Years Day doing a bit of shopping, finishing off my Year Compass planner, and meeting friends for a New Years cheers. This combined with having my 2019 goals all planned out meant the month went pretty smoothly and didn’t feel too long. Here’s how I got on.

Nike Training Club App Review

Me and the Nike Training Club first got acquainted in January 2018. I’ve clearly got form for the whole ‘new year, new you’ thang.  It was recommended to me by a colleague who was a total gym bunny so I downloaded it and got stuck in. Here’s what I think of the app.

Snowballing Debt: Illustrated and Explained (ish)

What’s the first thing you usually do when you pay off a debt? For me, I usually celebrate/pat myself on the back, which is GREAT. Then I start calculating what I’m gonna do with the ‘spare cash’, which is BAD. In months one and two I tend to use that cash to treat myself to something that I don’t really need.

Nourish Bowls Made Easy

Other than being a social media fad, Nourish Bowls are actually pretty damn useful when you’re trying to eat a balanced diet. When made correctly, they tick all the food group boxes whilst giving you an Instagram worthy rainbow bowl of food to be proud of.

2019 Goal Setting

I won’t start this post with a drawn out explanation about the importance of goal setting. They fact that you’ve made it to this page means that you probably already know how valuable it is to set goals, make them actionable and track your progress

Merky Books Launch

Stormzy needs no introduction and frankly, if he did I wouldn’t be that qualified. I’m not the biggest fan of The Grime scene and I haven’t followed his career but some of his songs have certainly touched with me

When You Don’t Run For 8 Weeks

Now I  know what these fitness gurus mean when they say ‘it’s not a plan/fad/diet. It’s a lifestyle’. Fact is you need to make it a lifestyle cause the moment you stop and let a few weeks roll by you end back up at square one wondering if the once ‘fit’ you was actually some sort of dream.  

30 Day Yoga Challenge - Week 2

Shit got real. Moments after I published the post about my first week of the challenge I was back on the mat thinking about quitting. The first 5 routines where clearly there to ease you in and encourage you not to quit. They made me feel good about myself. 

No Bull Burger Review

I still like meat. The decision to go pescatarian-ish wasn’t due to a disdain for the flavour or the industry - however I’m sure if I did the research I’d easily discover some horrors. For me it was purely about making me less reliant on animal products.

Catching My Breath

This weekend, I decided it was time to catch my breath. I decided that I wouldn’t see any friends, would try my best to avoid dating apps, restore my home to the haven it should be and look after my body a little b