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Catching My Breath

Catching My Breath

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This weekend, I decided it was time to catch my breath. I decided that I wouldn’t see any friends, would try my best to avoid dating apps, restore my home to the haven it should be and look after my body a little bit. 

Sometimes I feel like I have to pack stuff into my weekend. Stuffing ‘hip’ experiences into a tightly wound coil, ready to spring come Monday morning when that inevitable question is asked, ‘what did you get up to at the weekend?’ 

But this weekend, I felt I had to stop. This was due to a few things.  

Feeling Anxious

I don’t take the subject of anxiety lightly. I know that in it’s extreme forms the feeling can be crippling, however it’s something that I will (hopefully) never fully understand. What I do understand though is that low level anxiety effects us all. So whilst I was sitting on the top of the 66 bus on the A12 on my way to work and struggling to control by breath, I knew my anxiety levels were a little too high. Fueled by every day stresses; workload, house-life, finances, concerns for the future (when did I become so dull?!) etc. this tight-chested feeling crept up on me and it didn’t take long for me to work out what the heck I needed to do. Exercise. Not right there and then, that would have been beyond crazy. But exercise in general. When I move my body regularly, those feelings of anxiety are fewer and further between. The stresses are still there, but my body doesn’t react to them in the same way. I haven’t worked out for a month, so go figure.  

Gary Lewis, CEO of The Travel Network Group

A few days after my bus situation, my company put in an incredible evening with Gary Lewis as a guest speaker. His presentation titled, ‘The Power of You’ spoke of how all of our thoughts and actions are driven by our emotions, yet we have the power to control these by being a little more self aware.

I won’t attempt to replicate his well versed talk, however he summed up the solution to it all in one simple word. Breathe. When you feel yourself careering into a bad energy zone, a zone which will ultimate make you think and act in a way that is unproductive at best and down right horrible at worst, recognise it. Take a moment to breath and bring yourself back to a neutral feeling of ease. From there you can work out how to address any situation in the best possible way.

Sounds simple huh?! I guess the hardest part is remembering to do it.  

My handbag  

At somepoint during the past week or so I looked into my handbag and was baffled. The amount of unnecessary crap I’d accumulated over an unknown time span was shocking. Peering into the abyss I saw a collection of pens and notebooks, my headphones strangling a  blunt pencil, a tube of dried up mascara fighting with a tampon and the keys to my beloved home all swimming in a sea of receipts, wrappers, name tags from events that were over a week ago and naturally, a whole heap of crumbs. My mum would be so embarrassed. 

Now I suppose you can view the handbag as the metaphor for the general whirlwind I’ve been living in for the past few weeks. Or this could just be a pointless story about a handbag, either way it promoted me to stay at home and get my shit together. 

So as Sunday evening comes to a close, I finish up this post and this week feeling like I’ve managed to catch my breath a little bit. I finally began my 30 Day Yoga Challenge, batch cooked some healthy meals, did my November finance plan, decluttered my wardrobe, finished a book that fed my soul. And yes, I tidied up my handbag.   

30 Day Yoga Challenge - Week 1

30 Day Yoga Challenge - Week 1

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