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Loyalty Tax is a Real Thing

Loyalty Tax is a Real Thing


Clever people aren’t loyal. To utility/service providers that is. I heard the phrase Loyalty Tax on BBC breakfast last week and it sums it up perfectly. People are being stung for remaining loyal to certain brands, and I am one of them. 

You know that person in your friendship group you give side-eye to as they ALWAYS seem to have more disposable income than you despite being on a similar wage; it’s probably because they’re doing all sorts of sensible ish like the stuff below. 


In my humble opinion, Eon have been taking the piss out of me from the moment  I moved into my flat. And I let them. 

I live in a two bedroom, newly build, well insulated flat. I’m out for 11 hours (minimum) a day in the week and usually out for at least one whole day over the weekend. Despite this, my combined energy bill began at £68 (already quite steep) and gradually found its way to £99 over the course of 2 years.

The whole energy thing blows my mind. 1 million different tariffs with different rates and options - it’s madness. I decided to use Flipper to sort it out for me. Yes it’s the lazy option, but I have zero desire to understand every tariff under the sun and make a decision accordingly. Flipper do all the work for you by looking at your energy consumption and working out if they can find you a cheaper deal. They do this constantly, so you could end up switching more than once a year. 

They charge £25 per year, but only take their fee once they’ve saved you at least £50 per year. So you’re always quids in.

I’ve been switched to a company call Avro and have reduced my bill to £57 per month. Nope, I’d never heard of them before either, but my lights still turn on and my radiators are warm! No problems so far


I don’t even understand this enough to be writing about it - which is embarrassing. All I know is that my 2-year fixed rate was coming to an end and I needed to do something about it.

I chose to stay with my current provider as time was ticking so I logged onto the website, reviewed the options and managed to get another 2-year fixed deal and save around £30 a month. 

Right now, I’m beyond confused as to how my existing provider can give me such a saving at the click of button, but they have. So that’s that.  

Homework for self - learn about mortgages so I can do a proper switch next time 

Phone Bill

I called my friends at Three and asked them if they could help reduce my bill. I’ve been on a sim only deal for years and opted for unlimited everything way-back-when because... why the hell not?! I’ll tell you why. Turns out I use hardly any data, and can get by with around 800 minutes per month. Three managed to switch me to a deal that saved me over 50% of my bill. I didn’t even have to do the ‘I’m gonna leave’ routine. 

Internet and TV

Now this is an example of being stung by one of those new customer offers - I work in marketing, I really should know better! I started off with fibre internet and a basic TV package from Virgin - they lured me in with a deal under £30 and the promise of a quick set up. 1 year on, and I found myself paying double the amount.

After having a little think about what I really needed from my telly box, I opted for a deal with Talk Talk which is cheaper than my original deal with Virgin. Again it was an introductory offer, but this time I’m one step ahead! I’ve got a note in my diary for 2020 to remind me to take a look at my options.  

To make it even better, I switched through Compare The Market so will be rewarded with a £65 Amazon voucher too.  

It’s all worth it

All in all, I’ve managed to save over £100 per month. ‘Will I save it?’ I hear you cry. Probably not! But that’s not the point. 

When you refuse to switch or refuse to have the conversation, these brands will take the piss. Don’t be loyal, it makes you a loser. 

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