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When You Don’t Run For 8 Weeks

When You Don’t Run For 8 Weeks


Now I  know what these fitness gurus mean when they say ‘it’s not a plan/fad/diet. It’s a lifestyle’

Fact is you need to make it a lifestyle cause the moment you stop and let a few weeks roll by you end back up at square one wondering if the once ‘fit’ you was actually some sort of dream.  

For real. I’ve been seriously slacking for the past 2 months in terms of exercise. So this run felt like my first one EVER. Here’s how it went.

After one mile I wanted to give up

After 1.2 miles I thought my legs might fall off

By 2 miles I was a little bit sick in a bush (just water, no drama) 

At mile 3 I thought I could run for day

By mile 3.1 I was so glad it was over and crawled home to like my wounds. 

But still, I did it. I ran even though I didn’t really want to and my time wasn’t that horrendous.

Must keep going. 



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