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2019 Goal Setting

2019 Goal Setting


I won’t start this post with a drawn out explanation about the importance of goal setting. They fact that you’ve made it to this page means that you probably already know how valuable it is to set goals, make them actionable and track your progress. If you don’t, all you have to do is google ‘Goal Setting’ and the internet will show out in full force for you. However, if you’re just looking for a bit of inspiration - read on. 


This was and remains the most important scale that I need to tip. When it comes to my fincances for 2019, I have four main goals

Goal 1: Pay off £2114 in debt.

This is made up of the following

  • credit card x 2

  • personal loan x 1

  • shop cards/accounts x 2

l’ll be using the Snowballing Method to clear these balances. This basically involves starting with the smallest debt first. Once you’ve paid it off you then ‘snowball’ those payment into the next one. Just like the metaphorical snowball the amount you’re paying towards your debt will get bigger as time goes on. The should be little or no change to your disposable income as your simply moving payments from one to the next. You keep going like this until your debts are clear, hopefully you’ll be able to pay off some debts earlier and make a saving too. You must maintain the minimum payments on all accounts throughout this and it helps if you can give yourself a little jump start by dedicating a certain amount of income each month to repaying above and beyond the minimum payments. 

There’s a heck of a lot more debt to deal with so the snowball will keep rolling into 2020.  

Goal 2: No new credit

I’ve got more credit than I’m comfortable with at the moment. So for 2019 that means no more shopping accounts, nothing purchased on new credit and certainly no more credit cards

Goal 3: Earn £1000 in extra income.

I have no idea how yet, but I’ve always wanted some sort of side hustle. Now’s the time to keep my eyes and ears open and find an opportunity. 

Goal 4: Learn about investing.

There’s no point investing when you’ve got high interest debts such as the above. However, I know that by 2020, I want to put some money in some smart places. 2019 is about doing the groundwork.


By the end of 2019 I want to be able to run 10km comfortably and regularly. I know I can do it, I just need to do it.  


Goal 1: Read one book a month

I’ve got enough untouched tomes on my bookshelf to keep me going for at least 5 months.

Goal 2: Good mornings and Good nights

I want to follow a morning and bedtime routine. There’s a reason these are so good for children, yet we abandon them as soon as we’re old enough to pick our own bedtimes. I’m hoping that if I establish better routines, I’ll have more energy and be in a better frame of mind to achieve all of my goals.


  • Don’t look at phone notifications until I leave the house

  • Read plans for the day ahead

  • Have a cup of herbal tea


  • Better beauty regime. At 32, it’s time for night cream

  • Use planner to reflect on the day and plan for tomorrow

  • Read a book

When I crawl in at 4am most of this will go out the window I’m sure! But for the most part, I plan to stick with it. 

My Home

My flat has been somewhat of a neglected castle over the past year. I need to give it the love it deserves. 

Goal 1: Balcony

I want to create a zen zone on my balcony where I can enjoy the sun rise and set, read a book, meditate for a moment or two and just relax. 

Goal 2: Living Room 

As I type this I have 5 paint swatches daubed on my living room wall. The indecisiveness is unreal. I want a living room to be proud of. Where I can entertain friends and find solace. Cause let’s keep it real, when it’s cold outside all that meditation and reading on the balcony will turn into boxsets on the sofa.

Two 30-days

I like the idea of 30 day challenges. I’ve tried and failed to find scientific proof that they work, but I still like the idea of them. In 2019 I plan to do at least two challenges. The reasons are below

January: 30 days without fish 

In December I will eat meat. I know I will. On Christmas Day when that leg of lamb comes out the oven, or that curry mutton is being passed round there is no way I’m saying no. I’m hoping that 30 days of being full on vegetarian in January will rebalance my diet and get me back to my pescatarian ways. 

March: 30 Days of Yoga

Yup. That ole chestnut again. Whilst my yoga practice is more consistent, I’ve still not manage to do 30 days straight.  


2018 was an interesting year so I wasn’t able to travel as much as I would have liked. In 2019, I plan to do the following:

  • 1 holiday alone

  • 1 girls trip

  • 1 long haul trip

And that’s about it. I’ll be using my 10-minute Planner daily to help keep me on track with all of this. I’ll also do a monthly post on this blog with updates of where I am.

All that’s left to say is that I’m starting all of this as of right now. We’re too hard on ourselves in January so if I start adopting some of these behaviours/plans now I won’t feel like I’ve sucked the fun out of life come Jan. Plus, just like the world - time aint flat. Years are cyclical, so you don’t need to wait for the 1st of Jan to start afresh. If you got to the end of this, I salute you! Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you set a few goals of your own.


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