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Nike Training Club App Review

Nike Training Club App Review

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Being a little bit healthier is a big thing for me in 2019 (said everyone, right?!) But it’s true, I’m not getting any younger, and you only get one body in this life. I look at my grandparents in their 80’s who are still pretty strong and know that if I don’t move my body now, I won’t be a fit as they are if I’m lucky enough to reach that age. Anyway, I shall not waffle too much.

Me and the Nike Training Club first got acquainted in January 2018. I’ve clearly got form for the whole ‘new year, new you’ thang.  It was recommended to me by a colleague who was a total gym bunny so I downloaded it and got stuck in. Here’s what I think of the app.

Excellent Work Out Plans

The apps allows you to build work out plans which last a few weeks. You start by selecting your aim from stuff like, fitness, strong abs, workouts for runners etc, you also tell the app how often you want to work out, it then puts together a workout plan just for you. I’d recommend the Start Up plan for anyone who is brand new to working out, or like me has been out of the game for a while.

I started this steady plan on the first of Jan and it got me back into the routine of working out, without being so strenuous that it put me off or demoralised me. Some bits were more challenging than others, but all in all I found it to be a good starting point. I completed 10 out of 13 planned workouts, which I’m taking as a win cause I know what I’m like! There are also a ton of extra workouts you can do outside of your plan if you’re feeling like a warrior on a rest day

No Equipment Needed

I have a yoga mat and two (embarrassingly underused) kettlebells. That’s it. NTC works with what equipment you have, or don’t have as the case may be and devises a plan for you. With my limited fitness tools, NTC devised a plan that needed nothing at all.

Good Variety

Apart from the Endurance workout which is designed to benchmark your fitness, I never did the same workout twice. There are moves that are repeated, which is fine, but every sequence is different so if you get board easily, this is the app for you.

Switch Days

Working out isn’t always my top priority. I wish it was, but I’m not gonna play myself by pretending. So another thing I love about this app is the ability to move workouts around to fit your schedule. So if I’m seeing friends last minute, or simply can’t be bothered to get out of bed in time to do my workout, I can move things around to turn any day into a rest day!

It Is Free

Yep. Totally free. And none of that free to download but get locked out of premium features nonsense either. Nike have thrown every damn thing at this app and it’s great. They know what they’re doing though, they’ve got my loyalty, so when I need new trainers, they will probably be Nike!

Works alongside Nike Run Club

I use the Nike Run Club app (slightly) more regularly when I run and it’s great how the two apps sync together. You can add your runs to NTC allowing you to track all of your workouts in one place.

I literally have nothing bad to say about it. Give it a try

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