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Nourish Bowls Made Easy

Nourish Bowls Made Easy

Other than being a social media fad, Nourish Bowls are actually pretty damn useful when you’re trying to eat a balanced diet. When made correctly, they tick all the food group boxes whilst giving you an Instagram worthy rainbow bowl of food to be proud of. They’re also often accidentally vegan so for those of you struggling through #veganuary, this could be a lifesaver!

In January, as I’m not eating any meat or fish, they’re bloody great as they ensure that my main meal of the day is fully rounded. The temptation to reach for carbs and dairy to fill you up when you first go veggie is so strong. Especially in winter. It’s easy, readily available, and let’s face it - who doesn’t love a steaming bowl of mac and cheese?!

Luckily the make up of a Nourish Bowl is also pretty simple. All you need to do is follow the structure below picking your favourite elements from each group. Whack it together - or delicately place if you’re searching to Instagram stardom - and you’re done! Nourish bowls don’t have to be eaten cold either, you can heat a few of the elements - veggies, protein, starch - to give you that feeling of warm belly satisfaction that we all crave in winter

  • Greens (e.g salad leaves, spinach, raw kale)

  • Protein (e.g chickpeas, lentils, eggs)

  • Starch (e.g quinoa, pumpkin, squash, rice, sweet potato)

  • Veggies (e.g carrots, peppers, garden peas, whatever the heck you fancy, but not too carby as you’ve covered that already)

  • Dressing (a chance to include some health fats, think olive oil or avocado)

  • Toppers (think flavour, texture and another chance for healthy fats to shine like nuts and seeds. Herbs and sprouts also make great toppers)

I’ll prep enough for three days, whack all the elements in separate tupperware and courier it all to work on Monday morning. That way I don’t need to think about lunch again until Thursday when I’ll no doubt skulk off to the pasta joint to wolf down a plate of cheesy carby goodness. It’s all about balance, innit!?

P.S. These bowls do have another popular name floating around the internet, however I don’t know enough about Buddhism to know whether it’s cool to call them that. My instinct says no. It feels like appropriation to me so I’m gonna try and steer clear of that one. Nourish Bowls is good enough for me!

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