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Female Entrepreneurs To Follow in 2019

Female Entrepreneurs To Follow in 2019

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In celebration of International Women’s Day I wanted to share a list of Female Creators, Entrepreneurs, Owned Brands and general Fierce Females doing special things who I think deserve a follow.

Charlotte Ferguson - Disciple

What drew me to this brand was the owner, Charlotte Ferguson. As a Psychotherpaist she views skin care through a wellness lense, highlighting how stress and diet can have an impact on our skins health. Her formulas are made with a holistic approach using ingredients that seep into the skin to target the root causes of skin irritations rather than just masking them with a pretty potion. I’m currently using two of their facial oils, Dreamy Skin and Good Skin - full review coming soon.

Dorcas Creates - Ile La Wa

I’ve been a fan of Dorcas Creates artwork for a while and it’s looks like 2019 kicked of with a bang with the opening of her pop-up shop which I recently visited. Take a read here . Plus, Dorcas also designed a limited edition lapel pin for another two of my fave females....

Black Girls Book Club

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Not your average book club. The dynamic duo, behind my favourite book club have had an incredible year. From hosting events with beloved authors such as June Sarpong and Malorie Blackman to staging Dope Discussions at the Houses of Parliament and taking over at Twitter HQ - these women are running tings. They provide a much needed space where black women can discuss their love of literature and celebrate stories in which they see themselves. Without a doubt things are sure to get bigger and better in 2019

Black British Bloggers

Mariam has built an incredible platform to support the black British blogging community. From sourcing opportunities to giving advice and those oh so helpful retweets - her support is truly valued. I became a founding member of the Patreon group and am excited to be a close part of their journey. Find out more here.  If you’re looking for new blogs to follow, I’d also recommend checking out their tweets and Instagram page for some inspiration.

Food and Psyche 

Kimberly Wilson is a Chartered Psychologist who also loves food. Winning already. She focuses, in particular, on the way in which food impacts your overall mental health, so you can expect your timeline to be blessed with beautiful food shots as well as wise words on looking after your brain. Kimberly also has a great way of simplifying and explaining complex clinical studies and sharing them with her audience, so if you want a little light education in your feed, I’d definitely give her a follow.

Dr. Jess Wade

I was introduced to Dr. Wade when she spoke at TEDXWomen. As well as being a physicist, she spends her spare time writing Wikipedia entries about the forgotten women of science. Women whose stories are rarely told and often forgotten. She’s written over 450 so far, and this is all just in her spare time! She’s also understandably  passionate about getting more girls into STEM and is sharing that passion by getting copies of a book which inspired her called, ‘Inferior’ into as many schools as possible. Follow her on Twitter for a sprinkling of girl powered science in your timeline

Mari Andrew

For a little bit of joy in your feed, check out Mari Andrew. This illustrator shares her work on Instragram and it always brings a smile to my face. Mari has a way of explaining some of the biggest emotions in the simplest way and her illustrations are just dreamy. Her posts have all the feels. This is one of my favorites.


Fly Girl Collective

This online community is dedicated to promoting fitness and running. The group has regular park runs, train together for marathons and hosts keep fit challenges using the #flygirlchallenge hashtag. I really need to do one of their challenges! 

Davinia Tomlinson - Rainchq

Davinia is on a mission to make investing more accessible to women. Her Rainchq service gets women started by matching them with the right financial advisor and helping them build a portfolio. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge - like me - I’d recommend singing up to her newsletter to help get your head in the investing game.

And there we have it. Just a few of the female gamechangers of 2019.  I hope I’ve introduced you to someone or something new.  

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