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February Review: 2019 Goals

February Review: 2019 Goals



With Feb being the shortest month of the year, I told myself that I wouldn’t be able to finish anything long, so best to go with something short and sweet. This was definitely one of those situations where you tell yourself you can’t achieve something only to end up performing worse than on your worst day. I told myself I couldn’t read a long book in February and ended up punking myself. Did I finish this tiny tome? Nope. Lesson learned.


My fitness game was strong for the first two weeks of the month but then it fell. Off. A. Cliff. I’m not really sure what happened… actually I know what happened. I have this mental switch in my brain which click as soon as I get into a flow with exercise. I see a few results, start feeling myself, I start feeling confident and then I just stop. It’s like I’m scared of the change or the evolution or something, or I’m just lazy. I definitely need to work on that. 

Good mornings  

 As part of my 2019 goals I wanted to establish a good morning and night routine so that I get the best possible sleep and then start my day in the right way. This is how it went:

  • Skincare: I pretty much nailed this one. Full review of Disciples skincare to come.

  • Reading for before bed: this clearly didn’t happen - see above

  • Not checking notifications before I leave the house:…. hmmm not quite perfect - I did have a quick peak on some days when the notifications looked too juicy. It wasn’t worth it, they weren’t even that juicy.

  • Using my planner morning and night: nope this hasn’t really been happening I’m not convinced that I’m a planner person but I’m gonna give it another go and see how I get on  

  • Herbal tea in the morning: (almost) all day erryday.


 This year I really want to - NEED TO - sort my flat out so last month I started with spare my room. I bought a new blind, hung some art and I got rid of some junk that I’d been storing there for far too long and made it cosy with some new lighting and a couple of hampers. Very country chic. Yes I only did it because my dad was coming to stay but it doesn’t matter, it still got done.


Snowball is rolling, no new credit. I’m still broke, but it’s all good

And that was February, roll on March

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