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Disciple London #sortyourskinout


I’m not a beauty blogger (anymore). I’m definitely not a product junkie. If I’m considering a purchase I research the product for about 3 months like I’m studying for a PHD. I’ll stalk the hell outta them on insta, read every review, message the brand to ask questions and google the ingredients. One. By. One. When I feel confident, I finally part with my coins and am usually quite happy.

My journey to Disciple was no different. After crafting a dissertation worthy list of notes I eventually bought the Discovery Kit for £17 which contains a 10ml sample of two of their skin oils, Dreamy Skin and Good Skin.

Firstly, I use the the word sample L O O S E L Y. I’ve been using these almost every day for a month, and I’m probably only a third of the way through eachbottle. So in terms of value for money, they are... right on the money! Here’s how I’ve been using them and what I’ve noticed.

Dreamy Skin

I use 3-4 drops of this on clean, cleansed skin at night only. I repeat ONLY TO BE USED AT NIGHT. Dreamy Skin contains retinyl palmitate which turns into retinol once absorbed into the skins. This wonder beauty product is credited for speeding up your skin’s collagen production as well as encouraging new skin growth. Due to this regeneration, your skin can be more sensitive to UV, so you must wear a daily SPF. To be honest, I’m an avid believer in a daily SPF anyway, but that’s another story. After a month, I’ve definitely noticed that some areas of pigmentation left from old spots are fading faster than before.

Good Skin

This is thinner than Dreamy Skin so I need less to get full coverage. I apply 2-3 drops on top of my SPF moisturiser and I get an instance non-greasy glow which lasts most of the day. Good Skin is a 100% botanical oil packed with ingredients to rebalance hormones and fight bacteria. I have occasional spot prone skin related to my cycle. Whilst I got a few spots last month, they were much tamer than usual and disappeared quicker.

Overall my skins feels plumper and the texture is smooth and more even. Not sure which product is to thank for this, but I’m happy. I love both of these products. If I could only pick one though, I’d go for the Dreamy Skin. Definitely worth a try.

About The Brand

Disciple London was founded by Charlotte Ferguson, a Psychotherapist with a keen interest on how stress, anxiety and low mood can cause inflammatory skin conditions. I really appreciate the diversity displayed in their marketing campaigns. When it comes to investing in something for my face, I need to feel that it has been made with my skin in mind too. Disciple’s models are quite diverse which is pretty refreshing. Also, for those interested in CBD oil, the brand also creates a range which can be ingested or used on the skin. Read more on the brand and it’s ethos here.

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