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4 Finance Newsletters For Newbies

4 Finance Newsletters For Newbies


Other than getting rid of some debt, the other financial goal for this year is to learn more about the stock market and the economy and in general so that when I’ve got the coins I can make some educated investments. Here are the recent resources I’ve been using to bring me up to speed.



This daily newsletter gives you a rundown of what’s been going on in the world of stocks and shares. It explains how current affairs, corporate decisions and public appetite have an effect on the market. You can chose to focus on European, US or Global news to receive info tailored to the market you’re most interested if. Even though I chose European, I still get news about the big global brands, so don’t feel like I’m missing out. It’s delivered every morning in a speedy, jargon-free 3min read. Do I read it every day? No. I’m not gonna lie, I still find this stuff kinda dry. But when I do read it I always learn something.



This weekly newsletter comes from Davina Tomlinson, the founder of Rainchq. The business aims to get more women taking care of their financial futures by matching them with personal wealth managers, as well as educating us in all things money. The newsletter topics range from how to negotiate a pay rise to advice on pensions. Definitely worth signing up for more of an all round education in the finance world.

Girl Boss


Not purely about finance, but this is a topic that the team at Girl Boss do not shy away from. There are profiles on individual financial journeys’, and more recently, a free email course with Black Rock with tips on how to achieve your financial goals. Money is always a hot topic for this team so there will always be a tip or trick to pick up.



When I’m ready to dabble with investing, FreeTrade will be where I begin. This app allows you to invest, fee free, in companies of your choice. Through the app you have access to the big players - i.e. Amazon and Ocado - as well as newer brands. Unlike apps such as Moneybox or Acorns, you chose where you want you money to go however you can still do it all through a tax-free investment ISA. There are no commissions or fees, so it feels like a great place to start. For now though, I’m simply consuming the info in their Weekend Read which gives tips on trading and news on business you can buy shares in.

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Buy Black London

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