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6 Thoughts: Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

6 Thoughts: Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams


I read this book in 9 days. When you factor in that I was at work for 4 days and spent one of those days soaking up the London sunshine, I basically polished this off in 4 days. And I’m not usually a fast reader. That is how good it is.

Perfect Patois

It’s not often that I read a book with patois in without have to read each line twice to figure out what the heck the author meant. Sometimes it feels like I’m reading a caricature of a Jamaican person in literature and it instantly puts me off. When it comes to the dialect of my people, it’s all about the intonation and Candice masters it perfectly.


Dating can be healthy. It can be an exciting, enjoyable way to meet new people, socialise and explore a bit more of yourself. Dating can also be unhealthy. It can be used to express our current emotional state and define our self worth.  Through the book Queenie navigates the world of dating apps, first dates and casual encounters and sees the good, bad and ugly of it all. Some of it is damn hilarious.


Mental health is not a topic that is often discussed around the West Indian dinner table. There is a taboo in the community about illnesses which can’t be seen, and it’s often thought of a sign of weakness to need mental support. Candice used space in the book to address this, and I respect that immensely.

Female Bonds

Female relationships are woven deep into the core of this book. From Queenie’s relationship with her mum, nan and aunt, her desire to guide her younger cousin, and the girls in the WhatsApp group who keep her going with things get tough. Women are at the heart of this book.

London Baby

I love this city - I really do and reading a book set in London Town always makes me happy. The book is set in Brixton and captures the change and gentrification which has become the norm there over the past 5 years. Seriously, everytime I go to Brixton I am

Laugh Out Loud Funny

There were moments when I laughed out loud. Quite loud. In public. There are so many funny bits, most of those are quite darkly funny too which I love - life is not candyfloss light all the time.

Go and pick up a copy, you won’t regret it. Plus there are a few different colour options, so if - like me - you like to colour co-ordinate your book shelf, your girl Candice has got you! 

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