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Astrology Mixer with Leona Nichole Black

Astrology Mixer with Leona Nichole Black

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Astrology and me. Two things I never thought would go together. Yet earlier this month I found myself at an Astrology Mixer hosted by the celebrated Leona Nichole Black. Here’s how I got there (mentally, not physically - physically I got the tube).

Being a Gemini united me and my first boy bestie like nothing else. It was like we were the notable twins themselves. We revelled in the astrological union which made us special, made the world wary of us and gave us a hall pass for bad behaviour. We had no idea what we were talking about or what it all really meant, we just thought it was cool to belong to a sign that made people shudder a little bit – and if I’m honest, I still kinda do.

I first read about Leona in Pride magazine over a year ago. At the time I hadn’t read it for years but there was something about the cover stories that drew me to it – Leona’s being one of them. I followed her on Instagram shortly after and for the best part of the year, I slowly absorbed what she shared, listen to her beyond accurate astrology readings and just enjoyed having her in my feed.  

Then there was the whole Mercury In Retrograde thing that every Instagram personality under the sun was talking about. I’m still not exactly sure what it means in science terms, but what I do remember is feeling wonky. Everything went a bit odd during that period, work, friendships, relationships (or lack thereof). This period made me question. Our planet, the season, the tides, WOMEN’S BODIES, are clearly affected by cyclical occurrences in the sky. So why not us to some degree?  

All of this led me to buy a ticket for Leona’s second Astrology Mixer at the beginning of May.

Firstly, the venue is dope – the Curtain is a members only joint so I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to snoop around the corridors a little bit. We started the evening sitting in our element groups – apparently, I’m an Air sign, I had no idea! This was followed by a series of games, quizzes and discussion points which saw us partner up with different signs and work our way around the room.

There were around 50/60 people there, so enough to have good discussions but not too many that you couldn’t move around the room. There was also a good mix of novices, middle weights and self-proclaimed pros so lots of varied chat and opportunities to learn. The space had a full bar to grab refreshments as and when you wanted.

I won’t give too much away, but what I will say is that Leona puts on great events. Her energy is beautiful and she made everyone feel comfortable and valid in their views. If you’d like the opportunity to learn a little more about yourself – whether you believe in the stars or not – this will be an evening well spent.

Next event is on 21st June grab your ticket here:

Or follow on insta at: @leonanicholeblack

P.S: I was beyond exhausted at the event after a heavy week so completely forgot to take any pictures. I didn’t even post to the gram, that’s how you know I was tierd. Forgive me!

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