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Ejiro Sugaring + Brow Studio Review

Ejiro Sugaring + Brow Studio Review


I’m a hairy lady. Always have been. I was born covered in a light feathery down that made my cheeks soft to touch. I was that peachy fuzz ball baby - cute on a kid, a bit annoying on a 33 year old. 

For the most part it has never really bothered me as the hair tends to bleach in the sun making it less noticeable for a good part of the year. However this year, it felt as though the hair was a little darker (perhaps because I’ve had less holidays?) and a few appeared to be a little coarser. So I decided to take the plunge and book in for a Sugaring treatment at Ejiro Studios - a place I’d fallen in love with on Instagram before I’d even visited. 

My first visit didn’t quite go to plan. I rolled up, ready to have the smoothest skin on the planet and began my pre-treatment consultation. Turns out that the night oil I’d been using might make my skins more sensitive to damage during the treatment - especially for a first timer. Ejiro recommended taking a break from the oil, then coming back in a few weeks. I followed orders, came back a month later and had my treatment - Full Face Sugaring with Mud Mask 

What is Sugaring ?

Sugaring is an all natural hair removing method which dates back centuries. Born in North Africa in Ancient Egyptian times the method was handed down generations and has recently had a rebirth as the new go-to salon treatment. I remember friends at school speaking about an at home hair removal process their Mums and Aunties did. Turns out, it was Sugaring! The basic paste is made of sugar, water and lemon juice. Nothing more, nothing less.

Does Sugaring Hurt?

Of course it hurts. You’re ripping the hair from its follicle. It’s never not going to hurt. However it hurts much less than waxing. Wax holds onto your skin whereas sugar paste only bonds to your hair. Mostly the pain was sensation was bearable, but some areas (upper lip) actually made my eyes water! 

Does Sugaring Irritate Your Skin?

The mud mask immediately cooled my skin down. I left the studio, headed straight to brunch and by the time I got there there was no more irritation or redness to speak of. I didn’t do a proper before and after, but the pic below is of me once I got to brunch. As you can see, it doesn’t look like I’ve been through a big facial trauma! I won’t lie though my skin felt weird for a few days after. It was so abnormally smooth. I was hyper aware of this new feeling every time I touched my face. It took a while for my hands to recognize me face again.


Benefits of Facial Sugaring

After the treatment, people commented on how ‘bright’ or ‘glowing’ my skin looked. Without the black-grey-blonde fuzz across my cheeks, even I could see that my melanin popped more. Also, if you wear foundation, it gives you the smoothest base to work with so you get that flawless finish. 

Regrowth After Sugaring

I waited a good 6 weeks to write this review as I wanted to make sure I’d given the regrowth enough time to kick in. There was no stubble (phew!) and little to no irritation. What I have noted is that my hair has grown back finer in a few areas. It looks a little paler, but I’m not sure if that’s because the regrowth happened just as the sun began to shine.


And to top it all off, Ejiro Studio is a beautiful place to be. White walls, pale wood and plenty of plants and greenery. You’ll walk in to a friendly smile with good tunes playing - neo soul and afrobeats - and will feel welcomed and relaxed in no time. I was very close to falling asleep whilst I was having my mud mask.

The studio offers full body sugaring, as well as brow tints and treatment.

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