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5 Thoughts: My Sister The Serial Killer

5 Thoughts: My Sister The Serial Killer


This was a new record for me. I thought I read Queenie fast, but damn! I read this across two days, redefining the term ‘page turner’ for me.  My Sister The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite was shortlisted for the women’s prize for fiction this year. The title isn’t lying. This book is told through the eyes of Kerode, a nurse in Nigeria who finds out that her beautiful baby sister Ayoola might just be a serial killer.

Quick Fire Chapters

This book was a massive page turner and this was in part due to the short chapters, some being only a single page long. If you’re like me and to commit to finishing a chapter before you put a book down, the shortnesss of the chapters makes it easy to keep going and going.

Strong Themes

This book has a series of strong themes woven into it’s fabric - many of which are the hallmarks of a great thriller. You’ve got abusive family environments, favoritism, love, jealousy. And perhaps most notably, sibling rivalry

Beauty Ideals

Some of the sibling rivalry between Ayoola and Kerode is pinned on appearance. Through this Braithwaite is able to touch on some of the colonial beauty ideals - fair skin, ‘good’ hair, tiny waist - which are placed amongst black women across the world to this day.

Classic Thriller

Braithwaite maintains the suspense in this well thought our thriller. From the man the the coma who holds all the secrets, to the flickers into the past littered throughout. There are also secrets, deceptions, and twists that keep you switched on and questioning what will happen till the very end. .

What would you do?

If you have siblings, it’s impossible to read this book without wondering what the heck you would do if you found out your sister was a serial killer? Would you be like the dutiful Kerode and back your sister, or would you be straight on the phone to the police? Hopefully I never have to find out!




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