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Fly Girl Collective 30 Day Challenge

Fly Girl Collective 30 Day Challenge

Fly Girl Collective 30 Day Challenge

Three of the scales I’m trying to tip are work out more (original, I know) support black owned business and female owned business. At the beginning of the year, I also made a commitment to do at least 2 ‘30 Day Challenges’ in 2019. The Fly Girl Collective 30 Day Challenge ticks every single one of those boxes, so of course I was going to take part.…. once I’d built up the courage!

What’s it all about?

Fly Girl Collective was set up to add come diversity to the health, fitness and wellness scene. Whilst on one hand you can probably name of ten black successful athletes quite easily, you’d struggle to find images of everyday black women in a fitness mag, or centre stage in an advert for yoga mats. The beauty ideals that dominate other industries are prominent in the wellness scene too, but Fly Girl Collective are here to bring another face to the game. Their mission is to encourage black women to actively pursue a fitter lifestyle to help both their physical and mental health, whilst creating a supportive tribe with good vibes.

As part of their mission, they run regular 30 day challenges where they encourage their community to commit to 30 minutes of exercise each day for a full month. So this September, I decided to embark on my second challenge of the year.

How did I do?

Day 1 - 30 minute walk

Day 2 - 45 minute spin class

Day 3 - 30 minutes yoga

Day 4 - Fail

Day 5 - 20 minute walk

Day 6 - FAIL

Day 7 - Danced till 6am. That’s gotta count, right?

Day 8 - Recovered from dancing till 6am

Day 9 - 45 minute spin class

Day 10 - 25 minutes of yoga at home

Day 11 - 45 minute spin class

Day 12 - 20 minute walk

Day 13 - 30 minute gym session (weight machines and stair-master)

Day 14 - 30 minute walk (and lugging heavy shopping back on the bus!)

Day 15 - 15 minutes yoga + 20 minutes walk along Southbank

Day 16 - 45 minutes spin class

Day 17 - 25 minutes of yoga at home

Day 18 - 45 minutes spin class

Day 19 - FAIL

Day 20 - 20 mins stair-master routine

Day 21 - 40 minute walk (Shoreditch to Kings Cross!)

Day 22 - FAIL

Day 23 - 45 minutes spin class

Day 24 - FAIL

Day 25 - On a plane

Day 26 - Day 29 - Averaged 18,000 steps per day! With multiple 30 min walks

Day 30 - On a plane

So I wasn’t quite perfect, there were clearly a few hiccups throughout the month. As a non-driver, I also tend to walk quite a bit anyway without thinking about it, so some of my walking days we’re a bit of a cop out if I’m going to keep it 100. However, over all I’m really proud of myself. This is probably the most I’ve ever exercised in a 30 day window in my whole entire life! I had a 5 day work trip to Florida where I walked for miles around the parks, so those days were pretty easy to account for to be fair. But overall, I’m quite impressed with my performance 23/30 ain’t that bad. Just goes to show what you can do as soon as you decide to do it.

You can see the evidence shots of me and my fellow Fly Girls on Instagram by searching #flygirl30daychallenge. Hope to you see you at the next one!

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Panafrolink London - August 2019

Panafrolink London - August 2019