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August Tip List

Rather than wait to review each product or method, I thought I’d start sharing the things I’ve got my eye on. So each month I’ll post a list of businesses, methods, and plans that I’m wanting to try out and Tip The Scales with. I hereby bring you the very first Tip List

SoulCycle London Review

I love a good spin class. It’s the only form of exercise that has me excited before I even get to the studio. The one thing that gets me out of bed before 6am (apart from a flight). And for sure the most consistent single workout I’ve done over the past few years. When you combine this with my love of US reality TV you can imagine my giddy joy when SoulCycle announced their first London studio.

January Review: 2019 Goals

This has got to have been my best January ever. I stayed in for New Years eve, so started the year neither drunk nor broke. I spent New Years Day doing a bit of shopping, finishing off my Year Compass planner, and meeting friends for a New Years cheers. This combined with having my 2019 goals all planned out meant the month went pretty smoothly and didn’t feel too long. Here’s how I got on.

Nike Training Club App Review

Me and the Nike Training Club first got acquainted in January 2018. I’ve clearly got form for the whole ‘new year, new you’ thang.  It was recommended to me by a colleague who was a total gym bunny so I downloaded it and got stuck in. Here’s what I think of the app.

2019 Goal Setting

I won’t start this post with a drawn out explanation about the importance of goal setting. They fact that you’ve made it to this page means that you probably already know how valuable it is to set goals, make them actionable and track your progress

When You Don’t Run For 8 Weeks

Now I  know what these fitness gurus mean when they say ‘it’s not a plan/fad/diet. It’s a lifestyle’. Fact is you need to make it a lifestyle cause the moment you stop and let a few weeks roll by you end back up at square one wondering if the once ‘fit’ you was actually some sort of dream.  

5km Round 2

This was my first attempt at improving my time and as you can see if didn’t go well. But the fact that I managed to do the full run in 23 degree midday sun makes me feel like I accomplished something. Sort of. 

First 5km

After doing my first long run via the Nike app, and using HeadSpace as my guide, it made me realise two things.

  1. I can run for longer than I thought

  2. I quite like running in the morning

First Long Run

I’ve been running on and off again for the past year. Just getting up and running until I felt like going home - sometimes that meant I was running for just 10 minutes! Not ideal.