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4 Finance Newsletters For Newbies

Other than getting rid of some debt, the other financial goal for this year is to learn more about the stock market and the economy and in general so that when I’ve got the coins I can make some educated investments. Here are the recent resources I’ve been using to bring me up to speed.

January Review: 2019 Goals

This has got to have been my best January ever. I stayed in for New Years eve, so started the year neither drunk nor broke. I spent New Years Day doing a bit of shopping, finishing off my Year Compass planner, and meeting friends for a New Years cheers. This combined with having my 2019 goals all planned out meant the month went pretty smoothly and didn’t feel too long. Here’s how I got on.

Snowballing Debt: Illustrated and Explained (ish)

What’s the first thing you usually do when you pay off a debt? For me, I usually celebrate/pat myself on the back, which is GREAT. Then I start calculating what I’m gonna do with the ‘spare cash’, which is BAD. In months one and two I tend to use that cash to treat myself to something that I don’t really need.

2019 Goal Setting

I won’t start this post with a drawn out explanation about the importance of goal setting. They fact that you’ve made it to this page means that you probably already know how valuable it is to set goals, make them actionable and track your progress

Loyalty Tax is a Real Thing

Clever people aren’t loyal. To utility/service providers that is. I heard the phrase Loyalty Tax on BBC breakfast last week and it sums it up perfectly. People are being stung for remaining loyal to certain brands, and I am one of them. 

No Spend Days

A No Spend Day is exactly what is says on the tin. Days where you spend no money at all. Other than bills, travel, and other things you can't avoid, you commit to spending nothing. Not a penny. Nada.  For the month of June I'll be embarking on a little experiment to see how many No Spend Days I can manage