All in Pescatarian-ish

January Review: 2019 Goals

This has got to have been my best January ever. I stayed in for New Years eve, so started the year neither drunk nor broke. I spent New Years Day doing a bit of shopping, finishing off my Year Compass planner, and meeting friends for a New Years cheers. This combined with having my 2019 goals all planned out meant the month went pretty smoothly and didn’t feel too long. Here’s how I got on.

Nourish Bowls Made Easy

Other than being a social media fad, Nourish Bowls are actually pretty damn useful when you’re trying to eat a balanced diet. When made correctly, they tick all the food group boxes whilst giving you an Instagram worthy rainbow bowl of food to be proud of.

No Bull Burger Review

I still like meat. The decision to go pescatarian-ish wasn’t due to a disdain for the flavour or the industry - however I’m sure if I did the research I’d easily discover some horrors. For me it was purely about making me less reliant on animal products.